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Breast Sweat

I did a look through the tags but didn't see what I was looking for. Hoping you fabulous people can help me.

I am not small in the chest (34F last time fitted, but that was when pregnant two years ago, and between nursing for 2 years, and now being pregnant again, I"m sure that's not 100% accurate, but my 34F bra still fits well enough). I am 27 weeks pregnant, and having hot flashes from hell. Well with the hot flashes I am getting non-stop horrendous boob sweat. My boobs itch, and are miserable. It's worse if I try to wear a bra/shirt that's too tight fitting/not cotton, but even wearing a cotton sports bra with a cotton cami around the house I still want to claw my boobs off they itch so bad. It's gotten to the point that while at work I have taken to grabbing a wad of kleenex or toilet paper and shoving it down my shirt to stop my breasts from touching each other.

I do put baby powder on in the AM to try to control the sweat, and it helps for a while, but not all day.

Is there anything that can be done to calm down the boob sweat? or at least allow the constant itchy irritatedness to heal? because I am going bonkers and just want to cry they itch so bad right now.
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