cdcr80 (cdcr80) wrote in vaginapagina,

Wet Mount / Treatment Side Effects Questions

I went to the doctor earlier this week because I have a swollen groin lymph node, slightly more than normal discharge, and lots of burning/itching aroun my vagina. He did a wet mount and diagnosed me w/ vaginitis. If I had something else, such as chlamydia/gonorrhea/genital warts/syphilis, would he have seen something under the microscope to identify that further testing for any of those things is necessary? Can I be confident in that his diagnosis from the wet mount is complete & accurate? Most symptoms are now gone, but swollen lymph node is still there. Just making sure my doctor didn't miss an STD or something by only doing a wet mount.
Also, I have started having a pink kinda foamy/pasty discharge since I began the Flagyl & Monistat 7 (doctor recommended to prevent yeast infection while on Flagyl). Is this normal? 
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