halfandhalfs (halfandhalfs) wrote in vaginapagina,

ovary pain/cramps/late period

hi everyone - sorry this may be a silly question and i think i'm just worrying over nothing - but for about the last month i've been having pain in my right ovary. a pretty constant pain, its not so bad i cant handle it but its still weirding me out. on top of that for 2 weeks now ive been having stomach cramps, what feels like menstrual cramps that are so bad ive been taking ibuprofen and midol for them (when i dont even normally do that for my regular menstrual cramps)... and my period is 3 weeks late as of today. i guess just all of it together is freaking me out. i'm not sexually active, not on any birth control or medications (apart from the midol etc) or anything i can think of that might be causing this.

is this normal? thank you if you can give me any insight
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