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Did my partner get my yeast infection?

I'm a cis*female/vagina owner, my partner is a cis*male/penis owner (I'm trying to be proper here with terms and not offend anybody, if I do I'm so sorry! Please correct me!) and he recently has had some dryness on his penis just below the head. The skin is flakey and even a bit raw in small patches to the point it hurts him during sex. It's not a very large area, just a little. We've been abstaining to give his penis time to heal, but it sure seems like it's been taking a long time. This has been going on a week and the last time he had a very minor penis injury, a very small patch of rawness from chaffing after a lot of hiking, it healed within a couple days.

I was browsing VP and noticed somebody mentioned that a yeast infection can be passed back and forth from having sex, even to a penis owning partner. It dawned on me that I recently did have a yeast infection and I think it may have been right before this issue with his penis came up. My infection cleared up on it's own, as it usually does. This is only the third one I've had, second since I've had this partner. I've never taken any prescription treatments for them, and I do know for certain that the first two did entirely clear up because I had exams to test for infections of any type before I had my Mirena put in and was completely clear.

But now I'm wondering if the reason he's having flakey skin and irritation on his penis is because he caught my yeast infection. We've had sex a couple times since, and the irritation on his penis continues to clear up, it's just taking a while. All my symptoms are completely gone.

Is that a normal symptom for a yeast infection on a penis? Will this go away on it's own as mine has? Should I be feeding him certain foods like yogurt or acidophilus? My boyfriend is very aversive to medications...He actually asked if I used my OTC external cream for yeast infections and was ready to blame it for the issue lol. But I might be able to convince him to let me put some on if this is the case if it will work.
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