Smorgy (demonic_force13) wrote in vaginapagina,

figuring out the cause of vaginal burning/itching

Hey VP. I'm back again with the same problem I had a month or two ago(I would post a link but I can't access the archive on my phone).
I mentioned that I had vaginal burning and itching, as well as what seemed to be raw patches of skin all over my vulva. Some people thought I might be allergic to something, so I used the process of elimination to try and figure it out. Unfortunately, I've only figured out what it's not.
It's not latex, lube, soap, menstrual sponges, or the detergent I use to wash my cloth pads. The majority of the irritation occurred after I had sex with my husband, so I went to an urgent care clinic to see if I had any sort of infection. They swabbed me and checked for a UTI. Nothing came up.
I have to go see my regular doctor in a couple weeks to have my yearly pap smear done. But I was just wondering if it's actually possible for a woman to be allergic to a man's semen. This irritation seemed to come out of nowhere and I have no clue what it could be. It's kind of scaring me because I don't want to have an allergy that's really rare(cotton came to mind).
Thanx in advance for the help!

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