astroboletos (astroboletos) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast infection that wont go away..

Hey all, I posted awhile back about getting a yeast infection from the Nuvaring. I've since switched back to Ortho Tri Cyclen, old faithful for me. I guess the ring and the IUD just wont work for my body.

Long story short, I havent been able to get rid of my yeastie since I posted. I was put on flagyl, and was given two pills. The symptoms decreased while on it, and came back. I used acidophilus religiously and inserted it as well. I used monistat. I finally did the apple cider vinegar douche yesterday, twice, after reading that sometimes if it wont clear up after all of that you might need more "acid" in your vagina. It got rid of the discharge, itch and smell immediately, but if I stuck my finger in to search around, I pulled out more of the white gunk. I was going to use garlic until my period came today, and its pretty heavy.

I do not have the itch anymore, and yesterday I HAD to do the douche and use the cream on the vulva to stop it. I stuck my finger in to try and find any of the white gunk, but I dont think I've found any - just blood and the little fleshy pieces typical to periods. The white gunk had a distinct texture and appearance, and I think I would recognize it even if it were covered in blood. Furthermore, the feeling near my cervix is different from yesterday, leading me to believe its gone. I'm going to continue taking the acidophilus religiously and eating yogurt daily, on top of my period, to hopefully kick this thing. Last time I had a yeastie and was on my period, it didn't get rid of it, I had to use monistat - but apparently, I've had this one for quite awhile. After my physical in the beginning of August, I got a letter about a week and a half to two weeks later saying I had yeast in my pap, but I foolishly did not address it since I was having no symptoms and figured it'd cleared itself up. So I think the duration of this sucker has contributed to it's REFUSAL to go away.

I use a cup and every time I take it out, I clean it with Dial thoroughly and peroxide it. I try to boil it if I have the time.

So, is there any way to tell other than those little tests that you can buy that its gone? Like I said, itch and discomfort is gone, no odor that I can tell apart from the blood, cant seem to find the white gunk. I'd hate for the symptoms to be gone-ish during my period and come back after.. especially since I'll be with the fella this weekend. I'm going to ingest a lot of acidophilus and yogurt this week, is there anything else I can do?
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