chipie (chipie) wrote in vaginapagina,

probiotic not dissolving

Hi VP!

A few weeks ago I made a post asking for suggestions of probiotics which might be good for yeast prevention.  Someone suggested the Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support probiotic, which seemed good, so I bought some.

A few days ago I was feeling like I had a mild yeast infection so I decided to insert one of the capsules vaginally.  I've done it with lots of probiotics with relative success so it seemed worth a try.

I put it in at night, and the next evening I decided to put another one, but the capsule was still inside my vagina, the exact same shape as before!  So obviously I didn't put a second one in.  Then a couple of days later I got my period, and when I took out my menstrual cup later, out came the capsule.  It was empty, but the capsule itself was pretty much whole.

I was pretty disturbed.  Why isn't the capsule dissolving?  That doesn't seem right.  I'm not sure I want to be swallowing (much less inserting vaginally) a capsule that doesn't dissolve.  Any thoughts?

Thank you!
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