Murder, Murder, Death, Blood, Gore (encircleme) wrote in vaginapagina,
Murder, Murder, Death, Blood, Gore

Hypothyroidism, Blood Tests and Ovulating

My old endocrinologist shut down her office because she's moving across the country. So I'm about to schedule an appointment with a new one. I've been off thyroid meds for about a month, and I was only on them for 6 weeks before that (our timing sucks, clearly). So I'm going to have more blood drawn, and I've seen someone in this comm talk about thyroid and something else that starts with an F, anyone know what that F-word is so I can ask them to check that?

Also, does anyone know if Hypothyroidism can cause you to not ovulate? My old doc said she thought I might not be, but my gyno has never brought it up. I have very regular periods (28-32 day cycle) and had a chemical pregnancy late last year, so I think I am ovulating. I bought some ovulation tester strips and I'm peeing on them, but I was wondering if that was even possible? I don't have anything else that would cause me to not ovulate.

I should clarify, I know I'm Hypothyroid, it's just not being treated at the moment which is why I'm making the new appointment tomorrow for sometime next week.
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