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A plea for resources

So I just found out that my new insurance company is one of those conservative types that only covers birth control, in the form of pills, for non-contraceptive purposes, which means the IUD I've been so looking forward to getting is not covered at all.

I called the lovely folks over at Planned Parenthood, who told me they only cover the Mirena for women who have no insurance, and that it will cost me over $700. I am very frustrated with taking a pill. Even on very low-dose HBC, I have frustrating side effects like zero sex drive (I guess that makes it super effective) and sore boobs every. single. day. Evening primrose oil has done absolutely nothing for my breast tenderness, and I've been taking 3000IU a day for almost two months. Not to mention, my current job makes it very hard to take my pill at the same time everyday, so something that isn't in pill form would be helpful for this as well.

I'm stuck. My only other cheap options at this point are condoms or sponges/some other form of spermicidal contraception like a cervical cap. I hate using the former, and I'm really not interested in trying the latter. I suppose FAM is an option, but I tried it for a few months, and I'm not confident enough in my abilities to do it in order for it to be effective.

What are some other resources/options for me?
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