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This is a question about a cis male anus (i don't want to use any incorrect terms—i'm talking penis and prostate), but could possible apply to any human butt (or maybe nonhuman, too!). My boyfriend and I have recently begun exploring the anal area, on him, which has been really fun and fantastic. We're very open with each other and I have found his prostate, which he loves. I recognize it as a little ball of tissue I touch when I reach in and up, and he has confirmed verbally that i'm touching it on numerous occasions.

Usually when I'm touching him there, though, I feel something else. It doesn't happen every time, but sometimes, and quite often, I'll feel what seems like a pointy piece of something when i press more toward the back, away from the prostate. I've not mentioned it to him in case it's poop, which wouldn't really bother me but would make him embarrassed and reticent to explore more in the future. If it is a stool, it's a thin, hard, stringy one, because it isn't changed by my touching it, and it doesn't change shape or come off on my fingers (i always wash them right away and there is nothing visible there). It's also there almost every time, which seems odd unless he has very pointy, shardy poops (I'm no stranger to those, but he would have to have them all the time).

Is there anything this little pointy "area" could be that should concern me? What is it? I suppose I'm worried about a growth or something—it's so unusually shaped. Should I bring it up with my bf?
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