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Boyfriend repeatedly poked/jabbed urethra with his finger during sex, it's been hurting for hours

My boyfriend was attempting to stimulate my clit while we were having sex. It was uncomfortable, so I moved his hand away. About a minute later he put it back, so after a few seconds I moved it away again. Again, after about a minute he put it back. I tried to move it away again, but he wouldn't remove it this time. I put up with the pain for probably between 30 seconds & a minute before trying to move his hand away again. I was about to tell him to stop when I just kinda blurted out "Ow!" without meaning to. He right away removed his hand and I started crying, he right away asked if I was ok and whatnot. A few minutes later I told him I think he was poking my urethra.

So, yes. That was about 13 hours ago and it still hurts. Will I be ok? Should I go to a doctor if the pain doesn't go away within a day or so? What should I do? The pain isn't intense, it's like a mild pain that's kinda sore at the same time.
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