rosewein (rosewein) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hair loss at start of period

Right so the day my period starts I notice that i loose a lot of hair and it seems I also am able to remove more than normal amount of dead skin with a exfoliating glove.

This month in particular I was staying at a friends and showered (i only have a bath at home) a ball of hair roughly the size of a marble formed in the drain. i found this a bit shocking.

I guess the question is is this normal? Does anyone else notice this?

I'm kinda worried about my hormones anyway because for the first time in my life (i'm 34) my cycle varies only 1-4 days either way but never been an issue before. It recently shortened also and I seem to be noticing other weirdnesses like a lump in my groin while on my period, and bad water retention esp in the arch of my foot. So i guess if anyone can tell me any of my symptoms are normal that would be nice.
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