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Late Period, Negative Pregnancy Test, No Symptoms

So, just a quick rundown. I'm not on any hormonal birth control (I temp, check discharge, track cycles, abstain on fertile days, and use withdrawal, etc.). I have not lost or gained any weight. I have not been ill or abnormally stressed. I also have an appointment with my GYN on the 10th, so this is purely for peace of mind until then.

I typically have a regular 27 day cycle give or take a day. About every six months, I'll have a cycle between 31 and 33 days, which seems to also be a part of my regular cycle. My last menstrual cycle started on July 27th and lasted for three days. Husband and I had intercourse last on August 8th, so it has been 24 days since penetration of any kind. I had a painful twinge in my right side and one wipe of bright red blood on the 10th. I had another painful twinge on the 15th and had a bit of rust colored blood mixed in with discharge.

I'm now on day 36 of my cycle and my period is nine days late (should have been due around August 23rd). I took a pregnancy test (25 mIU sensitivity) this morning and it came out negative. I've been having light cramping on and off now for almost two weeks and a tiny touch of soreness in one boob, but outside of that there are no signs that my period is on its way, nor are there any signs that I am pregnant.

Should I be able to trust the pregnancy test? I'm just not sure exactly what is going on and figured I'd see what others might have to say about it.

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