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Well timed period

Hey superstars!
This isn't an issue or anything (though I nearly thought it was), just an amusing observation + something I don't really share with my friends.

I missed a period last month, and was mildly worried. Not hugely- I'm not majorly regular, was very very stressed, and am completely lesbianing it up so no penises in many years. But it was a niggle. Went on holiday with the gf's parents/sister, had a hell of a time (they are unpleasant individuals who have no clue about the real world) and my second period was late- so by this point I'd missed two. Still stressed, I ignored this.
We got home today, and LITERALLY as soon as I walked in the door, I went to the toilet, and lo and behold, my period. xD It's like my body went "No, no. You deal with this shit first, then I'll start. I'll just give you a break." It made me love my body and my period a little bit more <3 So my question is, have any of you lovelies had a period which was just THE best timed it could possibly be/amusing in it's timing? I'd love to know :3
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