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Feeling insecure :/

So lately i've been feeling really insecure about my bits...i'm kind of a bigger girl, not obese, but definitely chubby. The parts that are making me insecure is that one area (i'm not sure what the correct name for it is, maybe just pubic area?) under my lower abs and my labia majora. It seems like everyone I see (in porn, nude pictures and in real life since i'm going to school for esthetics and practice bikini waxing) has a nicely tucked flat V, but mine sticks out. It looks like an extra fat roll under my abs and it really bothers me :/ My labia majora is also pretty large, so my labia minora and clit and everything are just kind of boxed up in it and it's uncomfortable for a number of reasons. It makes oral sex awkward for me because my boyfriend has to spread my lips out, and no matter how well I wash it, after 15 minutes it gets hot and sweaty and makes me taste bad and smell pretty strongly so I have to use wipes to make it taste and smell okay before i'll let my boyfriend go down on me. And I ALWAYS have to lay down. I can never receive oral while standing up unless I hold everything taut and it's totally annoying. It also upsets me because I like how my labia minora and clit look, but I have to spread my lips out so far to even see them and I don't know a single other person that has to do that. I just started working out a few months ago and i've lost about 30 pounds, but the pudge there is staying. It's gotten very slightly better, but I still think it looks bad. Especially if i wear any cute underwear, it ruins it because it bulges out in front and when i'm standing my outer lips look wrinkled. I don't know anyone else that has the same problem and i'm afraid that even if I get down to my goal weight that it's never going to go away. Does anyone else here have the same problem? And is there any way to tone that area or is my only option plastic surgery? 
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