wooster1 (wooster1) wrote in vaginapagina,

Menstruate colour

Hello everyone,
I have trawled through vaginapagina's archives looking for entries which relate to my query but have not found one that completely addresses it.  Please forgive me if I am bringing up something that has been covered before. 
Ever since I began having periods about 11 years ago, I have very rarely had red menstruate.  Usually it is dark brown ranging in consistency from thin to very thick.  My periods are never heavy and I do not have much cramping or other symptoms (other than the usual tearyness and clumsiness just before onset).
I have been on the pill for seven years, however I remember it being the same even before I began taking the pill.
I know that there is a huge range in colour, texture, etc, etc and have usually dismissed it as being normal for me.  However, the only references I have found to dark brown menstruate have been when people are starting or finishing their period and now I am starting to wonder if it isn't normal.
Any information that people can pass on would be greatly appreciated.
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