Restlessme (restlessme) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hello everyone, first time posting in this community and hopefully I don't mess anything up.

About three weeks ago...let's say the 10-13, I had protected sex about once a day. That whole weekend, I also neglected to take my birth control and that Monday/Tuesday knew it wouldn't make sense to take that many missed pills. I was then supposed to start my period on that Thursday, I assumed it'd be earlier because of the missed birth control. 

Three weeks later and I still do not have a period and this morning had thick white discharge. I've taken three pregancy tests and they've all read negative, so do I really have anything to be worried about? I'm considering scheduling to have my blood drawn for more accurate testing. 

Thank you to anyone/everyone who reads this and offers their advice, because I am genuinely panicked.
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