I Forgot! (dolphin_grl) wrote in vaginapagina,
I Forgot!

back pain on right side around bra band

I have had terrible ache (flu like) for a week. I get chills and then I'm hot but no temperature, I don't do anything active so it is not muscle related. The pain is concentrated on the right side where my bra is. Occationally, I get lower pain in my overt region but it is maybe twice in the last week and goes away.
I feel tired all the time. There is no pain when I go to the bathroom. Could this be a cyst? Or something else? I have considered kidney, cyst, gall bladder, ulcer, hormonal issues, etc. I have long wondered if I had pcos because of the excess hair I have on my stomach but I've never checked into it.

I'm not on any medications.
Yesterday I got this full feeling in my stomach and today I started spotting with dark blood.
I cannot be pregnant so you can rule that out. Any ideas?
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