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Links Round-Up: Week ending 26 August 2012

After a hiatus, welcome to our weekly links round-up. The LRU is a compilation of items from the past week that may be of interest to VPers and is intended to broaden the kinds of conversations we have here. To submit articles to the round-up, e-mail also_warriors@vaginapagina.com

As a reminder, in lieu of trigger warnings, I use keywords describing the themes of the piece. Please skim these before deciding to read the excerpt or click through for the full article. Outside sources are not safe spaces, and mainstream source's comments should almost always be avoided. The links I highlight don't necessarily reflect VP's views, or even my own, for that matter. 

This week's round-up includes: teaching good sex, a Victorian sex scholar; TV boosts the self-esteem of white boys; stigma and teenage pregnancy; sperm donation lawsuit; a collection of writings on "legitimate rape"

  1. Teaching Good Sex at New York Times (Keywords: sex ed, teaching, parenting)
    Across the country, the approach ranges from abstinence until marriage is the only acceptable choice, contraceptives don’t work and premarital sex is physically and emotionally harmful, to abstinence is usually best, but if you must have sex, here are some ways to protect yourself from pregnancy and disease. The latter has been called “disaster prevention” education by sex educators who wish they could teach more ... “What if our kids really believed we wanted them to have great sex?” Vernacchio asked near the end of an evening talk he gave in January primarily for parents of ninth graders who would attend his sex-ed minicourse. “What if they really believed that we want them to be so passionately in love with someone that they can’t keep their hands off them? What if they really believed we want them to know their own bodies?”

  2. The Sex Scholar at Stanford (Keywords: sexology, history)
    Decades before Kinsey, Stanford professor Clelia Mosher polled Victorian-era women on their bedroom behavior—then kept the startling results under wraps.

  3. TV can boost self-esteem of white boys, study says at CNN (Keywords: media, racism)
    according to a new study, watching TV might actually boost your child's self-esteem -- that is, if he's a white male.
    Parents of white girls and African-American children, however, might want to limit the amount of time their kids spend in front of the tube. The self-esteem of white girls, black girls and black boys decreases with TV consumption, says the study, published in Communication Research.

  4. What To Expect When You’re (Young And) Expecting at Reproductive Justice Blog (Keywords: parenting, stigma)
    When I look back on those frightening moments in the hospital room and being too afraid of the nurse’s judgment to push the call button, I wonder about how many young moms and dads hesitate to reach out for help and support when they need it?

  5. Sperm Donation Lawsuit: Woman Sues FDA Over Sperm Donation Regulations at Huffington Post (Keywords: artifical insemination, wealth)
    "Jane Doe," who is in a relationship with another woman, filed the suit after FDA regulations prohibited her from attempting to become pregnant via artificial insemination without an intermediary such as a sperm bank. Instead, Jane wanted to use the sperm of a trusted friend and involve him in her child's life.

    But according to FDA guidelines, all donors must go through a medical intermediary and undergo expensive and time-consuming medical tests before each conception attempt, even if several are required. In the end, each attempt can cost up to $2000, and is highly regulated by the intermediary.
    Bonus: since 2005, there has been an FDA ban on men who have had sex with a man or had sex for pay in the past 5 years donating sperm. Read the FDA guidelines here.

  6. A collection of links on defining "legitimate" rape. Read with care and be gentle with yourself.

    1. Background: Rep. Todd Akin: The Statement and the Reaction at New York Times
      The sequence of events after Representative Todd Akin, Republican of Missouri, commented to a St. Louis television station on pregnancy as a result of rape.
    3. Hard words: Do we know what we’re talking about when we talk about rape? at National Post
    4. Pregnant Woman Relieved To Learn Her Rape Was Illegitimate at The Onion

What have you been reading (or writing!) this week?
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