Stef (morningapproach) wrote in vaginapagina,

Alternative contraceptive option; WeVibe advice

I have been on hormonal birth control since I was 19 - I am now 29. I am in a monogamous LD relationship at the moment, and after spending 2 months out east with my boyfriend, I am heading back home on Labour day.  I am contemplating going off birth control for the next few months. We are interested in children within the next few years (hopefully before I am 31/32) so I figure that this might be a good opportunity to figure out my natural schedule while I am not having intercourse, and give me an opportunity to find my natural body rhythm.  

When we do get back together, what alternative contraceptive methods does this community recommend? Something non hormonal, preferably, non condom, and short term. I'm not interested in IUDs.  My SO has issues using condoms, as they interfere with sensitivity a lot more than we would like. The last time we used them he couldn't get off at all.  Ideally it should be available in Canada OR in the states that my SO can pick up for me. 

Secondly, I have a WeVibe II that I bought over a year ago with my ex as an attempt to spice up the relationship.  Using it with my current SO however was less then spectacular.  I would have to have wasted $100 on this toy that everyone says is amazing. I do enjoy using it on myself, but I would like to give it another shot with him.  He is on the larger side, and he fits snugly inside me as it is. Any suggestions as to what has worked for you in terms of this toy? Or should I call it a lost cause and just invest in a small bullet-type vibe?
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