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BV and Yeast (also: my vagina hates me)

90Hello lovely people!

I am rather annoyed today and I'll tell you why! I cannot seem to go a month with SOME KIND of infection in/on my vagina. I am sure those of you who have a vagina can understand why this is really annoying and frustrating. So basically this post is a 'WTF is wrong wiht me!?' post and a 'please help me feel better!' post. 

Some fun facts: 

*24 year old cis*female, not best health (currently undergoing MORE tests, this time for thyroid issues, I apparently have an overactive thyroid? Dunno yet). Low blood pressure, low blood sugar (which does make me crave sweets a lot) and a lot of severe allergies alone with a nice chronic condition known as: thallasemia alpha mayor. Though, surprisingly, not on any medications. 

*In a serious long term relationship of the monogamous kind. 

* Rarely eats out, mostly home cooked meals. Haven't has soda in over 4 years (no, not even the sugar free fat free stuff).

*Drinks only water 90% of the time. 

* Stress levels would be average. 

* Never douches (in fact the sole idea of it makes me a bit upset... I have sensetory problems and that would send my senses into overdrive). In the same vein: never worn a tampon. 

* Been to the doctor, always get the same: this is normal, take some pills, here's some cream!

So... What am I doing wrong here!? Right now I have what I guess is a BV because: 

* greenish (or yellowish) discharge, started off clear but with no smell (or no smell to me, because of my allergies though I rarely smell ANYTHING after further inspection I realize the discharge only LOOKS yellow after I pee so I think it's mostly just the fact I peed that makes it look yellow. It's white and bf confirmed no odor. 

*burning and itching

*DOUBLE BURNING when having sex

I think I should mention that after sex I tend to pour some cold water to run through and pee... I tend to think I dry myself well but maybe I don't? Coud this be it? Please help me... I am at my wits' end and about to donate my entire reproductive system to charities. 

ETA: I've looked this up online and it seems my symptoms looks like Trich and I did have Trich once but it cleared up completely (went to the doctor) and I have been to the doctor repeatedly for the same problem (same exact symptoms as described above) and always get back with the BV diagnoses or the Yeast one. Now I am even more confused =(
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