a few prawns short of a galaxy (glitterberrys) wrote in vaginapagina,
a few prawns short of a galaxy

Well, now what?

Just got back from the GYN. Got a transvag ultrasound and my uterus is empty, my left ovary is just dandy, and the cyst on my right is unchanged.

(This is a definitive pregnancy test, right? He tried to show me the emptiness on the ultrasound thing, but...I just saw a whole lot of nothin'. Which I guess was the point, but I ALWAYS see a whole lot of nothin' even when I'm looking at something. But I can definitely put aside my worries about sleepwalking sex and getting pregnant without knowing it now? Please say yes, because I really need my life back and my psychiatrist is on vacation until the 31st...)

Which is all, of course, good news. But then...why the heck is my body being so mean to me? Horrible cramps and lots of clots for three days, then suddenly, boom, no period, hello, gross brown weird-smelling sludge (that's STILL THERE, and gross), plus all my other weird symptoms. I guess some of them can easily be written off as psychosomatic (and to be honest, probably should be), but I can't anxiety-attack myself into a coffee-colored period, can I?

I'm in the middle of changing SSRIs, so that could explain a number of things I thought were pregnancy related (changes in sense of taste, epic stomach bloating, needing to pee constantly) I thought for sure the reasonable explanation for the horrible cramps that practically reached my knees was that my cyst had popped - I had one of 'em do that before and it was a similar pain. But no, the little bastard's still intact.

I guess I'll add this to the anecdata pile, this one labeled "psych drugs can fuck with your XX-chromosomed parts."*

* Not sure if that phrasing is scientifically accurate.
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