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Favorite pads?

To all period-ers, or once-perioders, or bleeders, or dischargers, or...okay, anyone with an opinion!

I would like to know other people's favorite brand of disposable pads. I have a heavy flow that tends to get all over the place, and for years I have used and loved StayFree Ultra Thin Overnight with Wings. I loved the thinness, and they more recently added wings on the back end of the pad that have been awesome for catching weird-angled drippiness. I usually wear one all day with tampons, and then at night I'll even put two on to cover more area (I've actually considered wearing an adult diaper because I hate wearing tampons at night and the area that gets bloody is so large).

To my absolute horror it seems Stayfree has now altered their ultra thin pads to be more "fluffy". I cannot fathom why they would do this! The ultra thin no longer seems as thin, and it's now visible when I wear tight clothes. Also, the cushiony-ness has made it so the pad no longer sticks to my underwear as tightly as it used to, and the edges come up and the whole experience is just a disaster. :(.

So, I'm looking for a new pad to replace my old fav. I've tried Kotex Ultra thin Overnight before and I thought it was pretty good, but for some reason I haven't found that in stores—maybe it's not available anymore? I'm using Always Ultra Thin overnight at the moment, but I don't like the material of the pad, and I hate that I don't have those back wings anymore!

What are your favorite brands?

(Or, if you use cloth pads, do you love them/what is the brand you use? I'm interested in venturing into this arena but am a little scared!)

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