your gypsy uncle (scrabble) wrote in vaginapagina,
your gypsy uncle

post-catheter/missed hbc bleeding

I went to the E.R. on Thursday and found out I had appendicitis. Before I was diagnosed, the doctor asked for a urine sample, but since I had been throwing up all night, I was too dehydrated to give one. The nurse inserted a catheter.

I was put on antibiotics and asked the doctor specifically about what I should do regarding my birth control. He said my gynecologist would advise starting a new pack so I did not even bother asking anyone to bring my pills to the hospital for me.

The first few times I peed it burned a lot, and I felt like there was almost an air bubble when I peed. After my surgery, I was peeing a lot but the biggest problem was getting out of the bed since I'd had the appendectomy.

I got home on Saturday and started taking my birth control again. This was day 10 of my pills. On Sunday, I noticed a lot of blood in the toilet when I went to the bathroom, even though I hadn't seen any blood at all in my underwear before that. I called my gynecologist and she said it was due to missing the birth control and that if I continued to take this pack I would bleed for the next three weeks, basically. My only other option was to go pay for it out of pocket.

Today I have been peeing quite a lot and realized that the blood is actually probably coming from my urethra. Every time I pee, there is a lot of fresh blood in the toilet and this is the only time I am seeing any blood. While it doesn't burn to pee, there is some tenderness near my urethra. I am also again getting the sensation of an "air bubble" of sorts coming out with my urine.

Does anyone have any experience with catheters? I've done a lot of googling but get mostly results for women who are post-partum or men. The issue of the birth control on top of it somewhat complicates things. I am not even sure which doctor I should call about this. I am afraid that something happened during the catheter insertion but I am not sure if my gynecologist would be able to help with this or if I would need to see a GP. On the other hand, I didn't have any blood at all during the first 2-3 days, so does it even make sense that it would be from the catheter?
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