freaky_saiyuki (freaky_saiyuki) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pain and bleeding during sex

Hi everyone,
I have just recently had PIV sex with my boyfriend. We were both virgins. I experienced quite a bit of pain...not just as he entered me but during too at certain angles it hurt really badly. In certain when hes on his back and im on top of him or when he enters my vagina from behind. Its so painful and uncomfortable we cant continue in those positions. Millitary position is the only position i can tollerate at the moment.
Its not a stabbing pain per say...its really hard to describe...its almost like a intense aching pain that radiates in my lower abdomen...

I also expereiced bleeding, only a little bit; like a light period, during sex and it continued a few hours after sex. Im a bit concerned that the bleeding is due to him thrusting against the opening to my uterus, because previously when he would finger me a bit roughly i would bleed. Im pretty sure my hymen in still in tact so...

So i guess what im trying to ask is
1. if the bleeding is due to him thrusting against the opening of my it dangerous? how can i avoid this bleeding?
2. If the bleeding is due to the stretching and tearing of my hymen, after how many instances of sex will this stop?
3. what is the most likely cause of this pain? Does it get better with more frequent sex?
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