Vee (breadsandwiches) wrote in vaginapagina,


My boyfriend and I had sex on Friday. He came inside me for the first time. Prior to that we had no worries of pregnancy because he couldn't come. I've been taking HBC since we started having sex anyway, to be sure. We don't use condoms, because of the no-cumming thing.

But now I am worried, what if I'm pregnant? I woke up this morning slightly crampy and headachey. Those are pregnancy things aren't they? Ahhhh! I do not want to be pregnant right now, it would be irresponsible.

Since it has only been a few days would it make sense to get a pregnancy test at this point? Or does it take time for the pregnancy to actually manifest in your body? Are there any preg tests that are more reliable than others? (In UK btw)

I know I am very uninformed. There is very little sex-ed in schools and since I never thought I'd find a boyfriend anyway I didn't bother looking into reproductive health stuff. sigh :s

Thanks x
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