Lilith (lilith_gypsy) wrote in vaginapagina,

Mirena, bleeding, and bladder trouble.

soo. I really hope somebody else has experienced something like this because I'm pretty messed up about it. and I am hopefully seeing someone today about it.

I had a mirena placed three weeks ago, 8/3, had a very 'typical' insertion, and very litle cramping afterwards, even went out with friends that evening. The following tuesday I out of habit checked my cervix and rotated the strings out of the way, and when I did I felt the iud shift, felt like about a quarter turn, and had instant pain, that was much worse than the insertion, and did not feel like normal period cramps, I don't know how to describe them, it just hurt like hell. I also started spotting immediately. I tried to 'put it back' which relieved some of the immediate pain, but not much, I took 800mg ibprophren, which did just about nothing, and tried to continue on in my day. I should have called planned parenthood and gotten it checked then. Please don't scold me for not. I graduated from college on saturday, and have been very busy these last few weeks, and have not let myself slow down.

So, I was not suprised when the next day I was bleeding, because it fell in line with my cycle, although I was told not to expect it, and that i'd be all irregular and whatnot, and to expect spotting and bleeding throughout the first couple months. But I was still having the same pain, which was not getting better, I hesitate to describe it as severe, but it was scary bad pain. that week the bleeding was moderate to heavy, and the cramps would ease up with ibprophren, and I don't know, everything seemed within the range of normal symptoms, it was just my first period with the mirena, and i was told it could be bad. It wasn't until friday, 8/10 or saturday 8/11 that it occurred to me when I checked the strings and it was likely trying it expell, the strings were much longer than they should have been, or were when i checked them the first time, the first time they were like 1 to 1.5 inches, on friday 8/10, they were from my index finger to the end of my hand, about 7 inches. Oh, yeah, I know, I should have talked to a doctor about things at this point too. and, all the while i'm still having scary bad pain. which, I'm tough, i figure I can muscle my way though anything.  saturday though I flooded suddenly this was the only 'omg' amount, i bled through a super tampon, my panties and shorts and had blood all the way down my leg the moment i stepped out of the car. i checked the strings again a day or two later and they had gone back up a bit, they are still today I think about three inches. the cramps are worse when I bend over, or push on my lower abdomen, and I don't bleed unless I stand up quickly. each time I flood.

the thing is, and I'm definately most fucked up about this, is yesterday, during my graduation party, I lost all bladder control suddenly. I'm a 27 year old healthy, 5'10", 140lb active woman. I was not drunk. It hadn't been building, I could not stop it. I had been having the same cramps off and on, and bleeding a moderate amount, and i just suddenly had urgency, and took a single step, and whoosh. I could not muster a single kegel. and trust me I tried with everything in me. my level of debasement and humiliation is borderline suicidal. I obviously need to talk to a doctor.

But I want to know if anyway has heard of loss bladder control as a potential side effect from a mirena, or experienced anything close to this.  
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