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Cause of cervical cancer?

 My boyfriend is ftm, and his dick is pretty long, about 7 1/8 inches. So whenever we have sex it hits my cervix, and since I like rough sex sometimes it hits so hard that it hurts afterward, kind of a dull pain under my lower abs. The other day we had sex, took a shower and a nap and decided to have some more sex. We were doing it missionary and his dick was hitting my cervix and it was still a little bit sore from earlier, so I told him it kind of hurt and he freaked out and said he can't have sex with me anymore. I asked him why and he told me that if your partner's dick hits your cervix you can get cancer from it, so he won't have sex with me until we can get the new dick he wants which is a little shorter. That would be fine and dandy except neither of us have any money for that right now, so if he's serious, we might not have sex for months. He could still finger me and go down on me, but it wouldn't be fair to him since he can't get off unless he's fucking me with his dick. So i just want to know if what he says is true, because he's totally convinced that he's going to give me cancer if we keep using his current dick. I asked my friend who's a medic and he said it's not true, but I want to know what you all think <3
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