skankkbby (skankkbby) wrote in vaginapagina,

Laparoscopy and Medication Interaction

So, after finally finding the right gyno (yay) who would actually listen to me and try to figure out what's been going on with my abdominal pain and strange discharge, he decided that the only thing he really could do was a laparoscopy. Surgery is not terrifying to me, especially since it's minimally invasive and statistically pretty safe. It's scheduled for September 19. I will have a pre-op two days before, but I'm young and impatient. So I wanted to ask these questions about medication interaction and was wondering if I should contact the doc about them sooner in order to make sure that I do not need to taper down on the meds. Here are the medications I am on:
Zolpiedem (Generic for Ambien)
Buproprion (Generic for Welbutrin)

I know it may be difficult for a lot of people to answer the question, but for those of you who might know, will these interact badly with my surgery? And if you're not sure, do you know how long interacting medications should be out of my system before a surgery with general anesthetic? And lastly, should I double-check with my gyno to make sure about this before the pre-op?

Thanks for the help VPers! You have been amazing to me!!


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