monoso12 (monoso12) wrote in vaginapagina,

Post-Surgical Abortion/D&C Activity Questions

Hello again.

I am one week post-surgical abortion and happy to report that all is well (minus catching a cold).  So well, in fact, I am looking for advice on what qualifies as "vigorous exercise." 

I opted for Nuva-Ring as my new BC of choice and I think this has actually helped balance out the post-pregnancy hormone drop I read about...and also helped to lessen the induced period that happens.  I did have some bleeding and cramping this week, but my normal periods are awful so this was a cake-walk by comparison. 

I'm getting antsy, though.  I am not going to test the "insertion" waters and try sex/tampons/hot tubs earlier than two weeks post-procedure....but I would LOVE to get a little exercise.  I'm by no means a hard-body, but I usually work out 2-3 times a week just to relieve stress and my neck/back/digestive track are starting to complain about our laziness this week.  When I call the nurse hotline with FPA, they just repeat the instructions on the paper they gave me...but....seriously......would some yoga or 30 minutes on an eliptical (no impact/no weights) really damage my girly bits? 
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