mag_314 (mag_314) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lumpy Bumpy Boobies


So I just did my first breast self-exam the other day--hooray, no hard lumps! But I'm having some trouble discerning exactly what I did find. On each breast I could feel several lumpy almond-shaped bumps, easily moveable and seemingly attached to little tubes under the skin. They were most prominent towards my armpits. I'm fairly certain after looking at a diagram that these are milk glands, but I'm confused because some of them seem to vary in size and texture. One on my left breast feels to be about 1/2" wide and almost smooth, while one in the same place on my right is maybe 1/3" wide and bumpier, almost the consistency of a piece of cooked broccoli. Some are firm, like a well-done steak, and some are squishier. They're all the same shape and no single one feels exceptionally hard or prominent, but I was just wondering if this sort of variation in breast anatomy is normal? For the record, most of the bumps on my left breast are larger than the ones on my right, and my left breast is the larger of the two, so maybe this has something to do with it?
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