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Bleeding, tears and thrush plus sex position advice

im 24 years old and was tested back in march after unprotected sex (never had unprotected sex prior to that)
All my results were negative. 

I then had sex 2 weeks ago with one guy, protected.
i have a tendency to get cystitis and thrush from sex but from that time I did not. However the time in march I did get thrush which I treated with internal pessary and cream and external cream. Cleared up within a week.

I then had sex this Thursday with another guy. Again protected.
we were going at it when he noticed blood towards bottom of condom.
i wasn't experiencing any pain at that point and we couldn't work out where the blood was from.
it was quite bright in colour, not tons of it but enough to freak you out. 

We had sex a few more times that night and no more bleeding occurred.
i went to the bathroom and noticed when I wiped my butt I had blood on tissue. I then felt the piece of skin that joins butt to my vagina and it was very sore and looked kind of angry. So maybe the blood came from a tear that happened there? 

I got paranoid because my mum has had a stage of cervical cancer and had treatment.
I'm in the UK so we don't get smear tests till 25.
I have no other symptoms tho?

We had sex again in the morning. No blood but it was painful for him to enter me in spooning posin so we stayed with me on top but no pain at all. The pain I received with him trying spooning or doggy was around outside of my vag. Burnt sensation and the pain near bit of skin that connects to my butt. Ive never had this before.

Anyway, later that day the pain and burning on that piece of skin was awful. Does anyone know what might of happened and what I can do to cure it?
I shave my vagina and also my butt. But maybe I shouldn't be shaving my butt? Maybe it's caused the skin to get too thin and hence got cut from sex? Ideas anyone?

And today I have thrush symptoms :( itchy outside of vagina and abit burny. Why do I keep getting thrush? I've tried different condoms, lubes, the best lube for me is sliquid h2o.

I also would like recommendations on sex positions so I don't get that bit of skin angry again :( I've never experienced pain on that piece of skin. It feels bruised... He wasnt huge in size..

Thanks everyone.
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