Shelley (shellabelle81) wrote in vaginapagina,

Spotting/bleeding on HBC

Back in July my gyno started me on HBC pills (monophasic Apri) because I wanted to skip my August period due to vacation. I am not sexually active and am not taking the pills for the purpose of preventing pregnancy. I had never previously been on HBC before and have always had very regular periods. I had no terrible symptoms the first 3 weeks I took the pill (except for some very mild nausea the second week, and back pain the third week.)

The fourth week when I should've taken the placebos is when I skipped those and went straight to the next pack (this is also the week my period would've started). I had very light spotting that week, but it was no biggie since it wasn't a full blown period with the heavy bleeding, bloating, and cramps. It is now a week later (second week of active pills) and I am STILL bleeding. I can't even call it spotting anymore because it is slightly heavier now, more like the flow I get on the fifth day of my period.

I haven't missed any pills and I take them the same time every day (8:20 every night). By looking around here on VP, I know that this spotting and bleeding is very normal as my body is adjusting to the extra hormones, so I'm not really concerned about why I am bleeding, I just wanted to know how much longer I can expect to keep bleeding. It's been two weeks now and is kinda annoying. I have one more week of active pills, then my placebo pills. Will I still get a period during that placebo week even though I'm having a sort-of period now?

Also, I have an appointment scheduled with my gyno for next Friday, so I will ask her then, but I'm also concerned because she's supposed to be re-doing my pap smear to check to see if a previous infection is gone and I'm worried the results might be unclear due to the bleeding.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
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