Frau Lyndsay (x_yyz) wrote in vaginapagina,
Frau Lyndsay

Typical BC Pills

I'm on low hormonal birth control pills due to a family blood clotting disorder. My doctor doesn't really want me on them, but other methods are too risky and I'm sexually active with my boyfriend and we do not want an unplanned pregnancy.

Recently, Lo-Ovral was recalled, so my doctor called in Mircette, which seemed like it was from the same company (packaging wise). I had a hint of spotting and then no period for a month. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, just to be sure. Now this month, I received another switch to Azurette. I'm guessing another recall happened. I'm close to being due for a period, but wonder if I am going to miss yet another month.

Has anyone ever gone through this? Other than these switches and one reaction I had to Fiorcet (which led to heavy non menstrual bleeding), I have very normal monthly periods. Am I safe to still be having sex, since I never stopped taking a pill for any amount of time? All input welcome!

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