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Seeking reassurance

I have always had heavy periods and slowly over the years (I’m 35) they have worsened; to the point where 10-day periods with large clots (I’m talking fist-sized if not larger on occasion) seemed the norm for me.

In March this year I bled so heavily that I ended up having a blood transfusion and was referred to a specialist who, after unpleasant procedures including a biopsy from my womb, conduced I had Adenomyosis. I was advised that the Mirena coil would be an effective way to treat this condition so I went ahead with this. The experience of having it inserted was awful for me (I fainted!) and then I suffered painful cramps and weird stabbing pains more or less continuously for the duration it was in. My stomach bloated up like a beach ball and I just felt generally unwell and tired. After four weeks of this the coil spontaneously expelled itself (I knew my body didn’t like it!) and I lost a lot of blood and, again, had a fainting episode and scared the life out of my poor husband.

Anyway, obviously the coil isn’t suitable for me and I am now advised that the next step would be something called ablation where the lining of the womb is basically destroyed. I am quite anxious about this procedure and while I don’t want more kids (it’s apparently dangerous to get pregnant after the procedure as it renders the womb too fragile) I am worried that it will be painful and then after it may not work anyway. The next, final, step following ablation would be a hysterectomy which fills me with fear too.

I guess I’m just wondering if anyone else has been through this, or similar, and if ablation is really that bad?
Thanks so much x
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