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Heyo fellow vagina enthusiasts! This is my first post, so if I've done something I shouldn't please let me know :)
I've never been to the gyno, because I've neither had any kind of sexual contact with anyone nor experienced any kind of irregularity or difficulty with my cycle or my body at all (except for cramps but ibuprofin deals with those.) My question is this. How do I tell if I've found my cervix, when I am spelunking down below? That is to say, what does it feel like to the fingers? If I've touched it before, as I think I may have, then it's absolutely no different in terms of sensitivity from the rest of my vag; which makes me wonder if I haven't found it, because from what I've heard it's pretty rare for a cervix to not be at least slightly more sensitive than the surrounding areas. What I have touched inside of me that I thought might be the cervix was what felt like an "end' to my vag, as in, the fingers wouldn't go any farther inside, and it felt like there was kind of a fold there.
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