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Help! A gash on my lady parts..

To make a super long story only semi long... I was in the mountains Sunday and was sliding down a rock (I'm from the South, you just do things like this) anyway i was going pretty fast because of the water. Somehow i managed to get turned around and went into a pretty big divot and ended up popping up and hitting the rock pretty hard. I thought that i had just bruised my butt bone but once i got out of the water i noticed i was bleeding. I immediately went into the bathroom and inspected things out.. I found a gash about a cm away from my vagina opening. Its about a quarter of an in long and i would say almost 8th of an inch deep. It wasn't bleeding to the point of gushing out, but every time i would hold tissue there, there was of course blood on it. By time we got back, it was too late to go to my family doctor. I went Monday and got a tetanus shot because i wasnt up to date on that. I cleaned it with Peroxide and have been cleaning it about twice a day with 1/2 water, 1/2 peroxide and putting neosporin on it. I've been lounging around the house and barely moving since Sunday. My only problem is.. it doesnt seem like its getting any better. Its kinda in a weird spot so when i move a certain way i can feel it "stretch". Its not like a normal cut on the leg, where after a day or so it kinda "fuses" itself back together. Everytime i sit down to clean it it expands. Its too late to go and get stitches and i dont think that the liquid stitch from CVS would be good to put down there, especially since it kinda expands whenever i sit down, move a certain way, etc. Steri strips wouldnt really work because of the location and like i said above.

Is there anything else that i should be doing? Its just in such an awkward spot, i don't know if there is something i should be doing differently to make sure that its healing the right way. The nurse on the phone at the hospital said that it should been healed within a week and its been 4 1/2 days.. :( Also, I do not currently have health insurance and was just recently laid off.
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