rosenrot512 (rosenrot512) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hello Vagineers. I have a rather... embarrasing problem. (This is a brand spankin' new acct, just in case a friend of mine reads vagpag). I have to pee all the time. Also, I go from zero to-have-to-pee-RIGHTNOW in a heartbeat. Usually this just means I end up sprinting to gross public bathrooms or gas stations and doing the gotta go dance while squirming out of my pants. Sometimes it means that I leak a bit into my underwear. Today it meant that I wet myself. At midday. In a busy city center. I was (mercifully) steps away from my car and wearing a black dress at the time, so I was able to hide my shame quickly, and I don't believe it was all that obvious what had happened. Also, luckily, I had a spare skirt and top (which even matched) to wear to work this evening. Sadly, though, I am underwearless and wearing a skirt, awkward.

Anyway, so I went to the bathroom immediately before going to see my friend. I was in her apartment for 2 hours and had nothing to drink. As the elevator doors closed, the urge to pee came over me. I would have gone back, but she was getting in the shower as I left, so she'd not have been able to open the door. My brilliant plan at this point was to go to the Starbucks a half block away and use their bathroom. However, as I paused to cross the street, I couldn't hold it any longer. :( So in the less than 5 minutes it took to take the elevator down a few floors and walk less than 1/2 block, I went from perfectly fine to wetting myself. Embarrasing and now I have pee soaked clothes sitting in my car. :(

So, I don't have a UTI, nor am I diabetic. This is an ongoing problem for me, though the severity of my need to pee urgently episodes does seem to wax and wane. Any ideas on what to do/what might be the cause or what I can do to mitigate this? I am also currently insuranceless (insert rant about the US healthcare system here), but I hope to be insured in the near future (jobs on the horizon). These periods of urgent need to urinate seem to wax and wane, but will last for a while. I don't think it's diet related.
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