Im (alana_kai) wrote in vaginapagina,

Prolonged and heavy bleeding

I'm sorry if there's a wealth of information on this somewhere. I couldn't find anything when I was looking through the tags so I thought I should ask.

I've been bleeding vaginally most days for about three months, maybe more. It had been pretty light, most days being around 4-6ml (I have a mooncup with the measurement lines). My periods have never been super-regular and my pregnancy tests were coming up negative so I just left it, assuming it would calm down in time.

Only then on Sunday I suddenly started bleeding far more heavily than a regular period. I figure I'm losing about 50ml a day and there are often massive blood clots. That means I've lost about one unit of blood (250ml or half a pint) in the four days since it started. I haven't had the normal pain and moodswings that I typically have premenstrually, so I'm thinking it's probably not just a period.

I've booked a doctor's appointment but the earliest I could get was the 24th. If it keeps up at the current rate I'll have lost 600ml of blood by then. I'm wondering whether it's wise to wait for my doctor's appointment? At what point does it become a better idea to go to A&E? I've always had low blood pressure and problems maintaining high enough iron content in my diet to avoid anaemia so this is making me a little nervous. That said, I haven't dizziness or anything else I would associate with dangerous blood loss, so I might be ok for now? Am I being too jumpy about it? I'd appreciate any advice you have for me!

As an additional question, if anybody has been the the doctor for this kind of problem before and has any idea what sorts of tests I might be in for, I'd be really grateful to hear that. I'm 22 and my BMI is around 20. I've never had any cervical/uterine problems before.
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