onlycommunities (onlycommunities) wrote in vaginapagina,

Laxatives and Birth Control?

I've been googling and checking tags and I can't seem to find a definitive answer. I am on Ortho Tri-cyclen, which I take at 4pm everyday. Around 6:30pm, I took a laxative. I did not think of the fact that I'm on HBC before I took it and now I'm worried. The laxatives were not supposed to work for 12 hours, but they decided to be early and kick in (very thoroughly) around 9:00pm, so 5 hours after my pill. Now I'm wondering if this should be counted as a missed pill and if it is, how should I handle it? I am going to use backup backup protection (I already use withdrawal in addition to my pill), but should I take an extra pill to make up for this potentially lost one? I wouldn't be as worried, but I only have 2 active pills left and want to make sure I do everything right.
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