Kayla Ashley (kaylaashley985) wrote in vaginapagina,
Kayla Ashley


Hello Superstars! I just wanted to ask about my vagina, because it seems to be itchy.

my sexual history: I became sexually active for about a month  in may/June of 2011, and didn't have sex again until may of 2012. Since getting with my boyfriend in July of this year, I've been averaging sex about twice a week, not really with protection. awe used condoms a couple of times, but we found out they were expired and haven't had a chance to buy new ones yet.


anyway, here's my problem: it just itches. I don't really have any discharge or anything. I do what I can to keep it clean and dry, even sleeping without underwear, I've not worn underwear out before. And, it's not a continuous itching, it comes and goes. it's not exactly inside, it's around the libia, closer to my anal area, I guess you would say. I don't know what it could be or what to do. Any advice?


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