pretendworld_ (pretendworld_) wrote in vaginapagina,

Breast Pain?

I'm 23/f/not sexually active/taking HBC and for the past few days I've been experiencing pretty sore breasts. I usually have this very mildly (and shorter in duration) when I've got my period. However, this month I decided for practical reasons to skip my period and start my new pack of HBC. I have done this once or twice in the past without any issues and I'm a little confused as to why else I would be getting such pain? I'm a 36C and they also feel heavy and tender to touch. I'm 5'9'' and 180lbs so it's not as if they are abnormally large for my frame or anything. I've just been taking some pain relief (in the form of ibuprofen). I haven't done anything strenuous either so I don't think it's a physical injury that I've sustained or muscle pain. I'll just monitor and deal with the pain for the meantime but if it doesn't improve or gets worse, I'll see my GP about it.

The big question is: bra or no bra?
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