yum6 (yum6) wrote in vaginapagina,

blood clot insde outer labia ! plss help !

i'm 32yrs old,sexually active female..y'day eve wen i was down there for hygene purposes i felt like a small bump under skin, thought it was just a pore but today i notice 2 red blood clot luking things inside my outer labia( beside inner labia)..not ingrowns as its not the hairy part..they dont luk like bumps.i tried to rub with tp & little red  blood came out .i think i popped one but one is still there..its the size of poppy seed.it doesn't hurt but little itchy at times( may b b/coz i was examining it with qtip) i'm not sexually active since a month..i'm freaking out big time ! can't get to a doc now as i'm away on holiday ! is this sum kind of std ? it doesn't have a head or pus or anything ! best way to describe is it luks like blood clot ! it is red/brown in color! pls help me ! 
thanks in advance!

thanks 4r the input..it luks like a blood clot  ..i dont think its herpes b.coz it doesn't have any fluid or pus, like a pimple..i just put little pressure on it with tp & i think it popped..had a tiny dot of blood..my husband is/was my only sexual partner & i'm his only partner ! he got his hsv2 negative recently but is hsv1 positive !
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