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My surgical abortion

I wrote not too long ago - I had Mirena since 2009 and found myself to be 11 weeks pregnant at the end of July. Hello surprises. The same day that I had my ultrasound, I sat in the waiting room and scheduled my abortion. I had to travel to Pittsburgh, PA which is about a 2 hour drive for the closest clinic. I honestly didn't do any research, mainly because I knew I would have to travel to Pittsburgh, since other clinics that were closer to me have been closed within the last couple of years.

Scheduling the abortion was easy, general information and some medical history. We went over the options (sedation, being awake) and prices. I have bad reactions to being put under, as I always vomit when coming out of it. I decided to stay awake and the receptionist described the procedure. She made everything sound like rainbows and butterflies. I made sure to let them know that I am O negative, so that wasn't a surprise later when it was time to pay. I wasn't given any special instructions, I was told to wear loose clothing and that a doctor would call me to go over the process, answer any questions, etc. I was given an appointment date but not a time, they said they would call the day prior and let me know. That irritated me because I'm driving a few hours to get there and it just would have been nice to know at the time I scheduled the appointment.

Thursday the 9th I set off for Pittsburgh and parking was ridiculous. Walking into the clinic, I was greeted on the street by a few people yelling, "think about the baby, it's a person to" "this clinic doesn't even meet the health standards of blah blah blah".... I was waiting for this old lady to tell me that the baby had fingernails. This didn't bother me because according to that old woman, I'm heartless. Haha. My photo ID is checked at the door, along with my boyfriends and were checked against a list. Check in process was normal, I gave her my name and she gave me a urine specimen cup. I sat for about an hour and I was finally called back to the lab. I was then sent back out to the waiting room and waited for literally three hours. I fell asleep for about an hour, the rest of that time was spent flipping through this binder of things that people (patients and their support systems) wrote... which was interesting. There were a lot of letters starting with "Dear Baby." I was finally called back to just talk to someone, almost like a grief counselor. She was nice, didn't really do much talking. She asked vague questions and wanted detailed answers. She made me take a wish rock. Yes, a wish rock.

Fast forward about another hour, it was finally time. The medical assistant had me pee first before going into the procedure room. She took my vital signs and got me positioned in the bed. The doctor wasn't very personable. He didn't introduce himself, the MA did it for him. He asked how I got into this situation and I told him that my IUD failed me. He asked about my previous c-section and why that took place. I only dilated to 2cm and then started going backwards.  The MA described everything that was going on, which I think I would have rather heard this from the physician himself but what can you do? I had two shots of lidocaine to numb the cervix, I'm sorry but those fucking sucked. The shots themselves didn't hurt, it's just... they didn't do much in terms of numbing. He started using the dilation tools which were fine at first and then it felt as though he was pinching something internally, it wasn't the stretching feeling. Anyway, it hurt, a lot. The MA told me to breathe through my nose and not to hold my breath. He wasn't gentle at all, I started to feel extremely hot. They had a nurse bring in an icepack, which I applied directly on my face.. which is clearly where I wanted it to be. The nurse grabbed it and put it behind my neck. I removed it and put it on my face and she was like, "no, no... it goes behind your neck." Well, I don't fucking want it there. The MA asked her to leave since she was obviously irritating me. The suction process was fine, I could feel like a pulling feeling... within a minute or two, everything was done. He pulled everything out and carried away a tray of tissue.

The nurse came back in and the MA had me sit up, as soon as I did that blood started pouring all over the floor. They threw a white cotton blanket on/under me to soak up some blood. They gave me this GIANT maxi pad to hold on myself while I stood up, by the time I walked over to my clothes, they needed to hand me another one. They brought me to the recovery room, I was given sprite, crackers, and a hot water bottle. About 15 minutes into it, they instructed me to go into the bathroom to check my bleeding. On the bathroom door, there was a chart... according to the chart, I was considered severe. I passed a clot, easily the size of my fist. I also had to have another change of maxi pad. I went back to recovery and another girl gave me discharge instructions and a box of birth control. They made me eat four crackers and drink a cup of sprite before I could leave. I also had to check my bleeding again, it had slowed down to "moderate." I think I sat in the recovery room for about 30 minutes total. They went over everything again, made sure I had my prescription, a box of birth control and their phone number incase I had questions.

My bleeding has been.. strange. For about a day and a half, I was still heavily bleeding. Saturday, I was wearing a pad and there was only a drop or two the entire day. Sunday, I was back to heavily bleeding, using multiple maxi pads. I haven't had any cramping or pain, it's just the bleeding issue. This morning I had to make a ridiculous dash to the bathroom when I woke up, I again passed several clots, varying in size from a large grape to a lemon. I did ask before I left the clinic if that was normal and the girl simply said, "everyone is different"... well thanks, I knew that much. It's just at what point should this become a concern?

Anyway, I don't have any feelings of guilt. They gave me a box of Lo Loestrin Fe to use for a month and a prescription for a years worth of NuvaRing, which I've used in the past. I'm still unsure of what method of birth control I plan to look into. Tubal ligation is still a big interest of mine, I've also been reading about the Essure procedure. I've been reading that Mirena is supposed to have the same success rate as tubal ligation... now, if an IUD failed me and I'm that unlucky tiny statistic... I've pretty much lost all faith in birth control. How ridiculous would it be for me to follow through with tubal ligation (that is, if I can find a doctor who will do it and not try to convince me that I'll eventually want more children) and also get Mirena again? Would that even be an option?  My reasoning would be basically, something that is supposed to have a high success rate has failed me once.. so additional backup would be really comforting.. also, it could possibly help with heavy periods.


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