between your thighs (_electronichaze) wrote in vaginapagina,
between your thighs

Switching HBC - is my OBGYN listening to me?

Good evening, vaginapagina community

I have been on Generess FE for the past year and it has been a blissful HBC experience. The first time I took a HBC pill it was Loestrin Fe and I did not respond well to it then at all (maybe like 4 years ago) & had almost given up on them. But due to being polycystic, I was told I should really get on that birth control wagon - so I did. But Generess FE has gotten too expensive for me now and I asked my OBGYN if she could recommend a generic one/similar one.... so she gave me Previfem, which, if I understand correctly, is liek Ortho Try-Cyclen (the pharmacy gave me tri-sprintec). I called in again to make sure that they gave me something similar and the nurse reassured me that YES they are very similar. I just don't buy it & speaking with a friend of mine who is doing residency right now makes me really question OBGYN! So instead of starting Tri-Sprintec today, I plan on calling my OBGYN tomorrow again and asking for a different prescription, definitely one with 4 inactive pills. I was hoping that maybe some of you ladies (or men, if there are any) could suggest something similar to Generess FE ( Norethindrone 0.8mg, ethinyl estradiol 25mcg) for me to mention t me OBGYN ... I just feel like I have to be more specific with her, maybe even clearer than just saying "something very similar to Generess Fe please".

Thank you.

p.s. I will switch OBGYN now that I have moved away. I don't feel like she is responding to my needs at all.
p.p.s. I hope this question sin't
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