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Questions and concerns about endometriosis and doctors.

So I had a trans-vaginal ultrasound Thursday because I have been experience some extreme pain in my ovaries and lower abdomen. Last month, while I was trying to use the restroom, I couldn't have a bowel movement ( I was not constipated) or even pee because of the pain. It was like a tight squeezing excruciating pain and I had to stop. I couldn't sit down and I was doubled over. After walking around for a while the pain went away but I still felt it during my bowel movements and when I tried to urinate.

I also had anal bleeding during my periods and lower pain! Sounds like Endo right? ultrasound? It found NOTHING other than my "OOOOOooh pretty uterus" and "cute little ovaries". I saw my gyn afterwards and  he asked me if I had a history of colon cancer in the family, which I don't and referred me to a colon doc.

He didn't say anything to me about the possibility of endo or anything, I know that ultrasounds don't do the trick in diagnosing it but it seems like he would have mentioned it at least. My last period I had a little rectal bleeding but then it went away after I had a pelvic exam!, this was way before my ultrasound appointment. I'm still experiencing weird pains, in my labia as well, but not like before and I fine when I'm on the toilet but every so often I feel something of a twinge.

I was told that I have hpv a few months back but my repeat pap isn't until late next month, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. I had a colposcopy and biopsy in march so I'm not sure if it's a complication from that. I'm looking for some answers and suggestions on what I should do next. I went a year in 2009 without even having a period so something has to be up (I've been irregular since 2002 up to November of last year). I asked my doc about that and he told me I probably wasn't ovulating (WELL DUH) and that my weight probably had something to do with it.

I've been regular as hell since last December though and started taking Nature's Way DIM (bioresponse) once I found out about my HPV. These pains occur two or three weeks before my period, but they're not like my regular ovulation pains. I have an endocrinologist for my diabetes and since the ovaries are a part of the endocrine system I bring this up to him when I see him soon.

I seem to always come into contact with these doctors who appear to not listen or aren't aggressive enough for me and they're all a part of the same hospital system here. My endocrinologist is affiliated with a different hospital here so we'll see what happens. He's always been serious about my diabetes.

My doctor still doesn't seem like he believes me about my virginity, in regards to the HPV and now he looks at me like I'm exaggeration when I complain about weird pains. I'm sorry this was long I'm just pissed off about this.

So what do you guys think it could be? Any other suggestions would be wonderful.
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