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Implantation Bleeding?

So, yesterday, August 10th, when I woke up and went to the bathroom, I wiped and there was some pink blood with a couple of VERY tiny red blood clots. My last period was July 27th through July 29th (with very light spotting on the 26th and 30th), and it was on time. I took a pregnancy test on the 29th because we'd used Plan B earlier in the month as a precaution, and it came back negative.

I had a sexual encounter with my husband on July 26th. I think I may have ovulated again right after my last period (due to Plan B making my cycle wonky), but if I were pregnant from this encounter, I doubt I would have had implantation bleeding 16 days later, correct? That seems a bit long of a time between intercourse, ovulation and bleeding.

I also had sexual encounters on August 7th and August 8th. My usual ovulation would have occurred during this week, but there were no accidents or ejaculation inside of me on these dates. However, I know that nothing is completely fool proof. At the same time, if my understanding is correct, I wouldn't have implantation bleeding THAT soon after intercourse/conception.

Since yesterday morning, there has been no more blood. I've been having cramps in my stomach and lower back, and they radiate down into my hips. These are the types of cramps I get prior to a period. My breasts are a touch sore, but I've noticed them getting sore after ovulation the past few months, so this isn't really new, and it is barely noticeable. I've had a bit more hunger than usual and cravings like I get prior to a period. I've also been a bit emotional and headache-y. If there hadn't been that wipe of blood, I would have just thought that I was going to get an early period because the Plan B from last month has thrown off my cycle, which isn't unusual for a lot of women.

So, I guess my question is does this sound like implantation bleeding? Do I seem to have my understanding correct or is there anything that I've got wrong that someone could address? How long after intercourse does implantation occur? I feel like I have a handle on how long after ovulation (9 to 12 days, right?), but I'm not sure in relation to actual intercourse/conception how fast it usually happens. Could it just be that things are wonky from the Plan B last month?

For additional information, I'm not on any HBC and there have been no accidents or close calls or anything since the middle of last month. There has been intercourse, but my husband has not finished in me or near my vagina AT ALL (and, yes, I do understand there could be some sperm in pre-cum). I have a pregnancy test, and I plan to use it around the time my next period is scheduled to start if it doesn't show up. I also plan to start HBC when I renew my insurance plan at the end of the month as it will be free.

I guess I just need some straight talk as I try to not freak out and understand what is going on with my body. It's been doing some wonky things these past few months and as someone who is diligent with tracking and has known her body and cycle for years, I'm suddenly in the dark as it has just felt like something new each month since April or May. Any thoughts, information, experiences, etc. would be helpful!

Thanks in advance! I really, REALLY appreciate it!
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