kalalou (kalalou) wrote in vaginapagina,

Link between jock itch and yeast/thrush?

This week I developed a nasty case of thrush (no swab to diagnose, but white thick discharge ad extreme itching) at the same time as my boyfriend noticed a big patch of candida-type (moist, not flaky) jock itch on the crease between his scrotum and thigh (about 2.5" across).

Is it possible that the two things are related?

ETA: Thanks, everyone. I'd already treated mine with yoghurt, then canesten (btw I think natural, sharp yoghurt is better than Greek -- more bacteria!) when his came up. He's treating the area with canesten 3x daily -- should he be putting cream on his penis as well? He has had a tiny tear that won't heal on the underside of his glans for a long time, I wonder if that's not related to thin skin from a latent candida infection. He is uncircumcised. ANOTHER question: can I safely go down on him while we're waiting for the rash to subside completely? It's already looking much better.
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