veganhothead (veganhothead) wrote in vaginapagina,

Uncomfortably Numb

A quick backstory: I had the bladder infection from hell a few weeks ago which had to be treated with two rounds of antibiotics. My body thanked me with a yeast infection, which I took an over the counter pill for (as advised by the doc) and used the accompanying cream. A week later, the discharge seems to be gone and I'm not nearly so itchy though I'm still urinating a lot and having trouble with it at times.

The weirdest part is that at times my entire vagina is almost completely numb quite a lot of the time, and this numbness spreads to my backside and sometimes the backs of my legs. And this is without using the cream. The doc says it's a quirk of my nervous system (I have fibromyalgia and it seems everything on my body is super sensitive) and has me on probiotics to undo the damage the antibiotics did.

I've had a couple of yeast infections before but never had this numbness. Is the doc being under-concerned or is this at all normal?
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