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Evening primrose oil and breast tenderness

Google was useless to me in finding the answer to my question, so I figured I'd come here. I'm about to start trying evening primrose oil to help get rid of my breast tenderness, since every birth control I've ever been on has made them hurt everyday, sometimes very painfully (and they hurt on their own when I'm not on birth control as part of my normal PMS symptoms). I was wondering first how much to take daily; some sites said take two a day until symptoms improve and then decrease to one a day. Also, how long should I wait to see any improvement, if this particular method actually works for me? I'm seeing my gyno next week for a regular pap, and don't want to ask her to switch my prescription to yet something else if the evening primrose oil just take a little while to kick in.

Also, is there a specific brand that anyone recommends, at least regarding price? I was thinking of just popping over to my local Walgreens or grocery store and picking up a large bottle, but Walmart might be cheaper, so if you all have any suggestions on that, I wouldn't mind hearing them.

Thanks guys. :)
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